Tips Installation Wood Floor Parquet

Parquet laminate is made of several layers of material ( because it used the words laminate ) are glued together . Generally there are four constituent layers .

At the bottom is a protective layer of melamine – usually – that serves to protect the wood from moisture that caused the existing floor (floor below). Layer on top of it is the main ingredient – usually MDF (medium density fiberboard) or HDF (high density fiberboard). Layer on top of it again is decorative material. Because MDF and HDF has a smooth surface (not patterned), then the required motive -made wood flooring that looks like wood look natural. Wood patterned layer is usually made of resin. Finally, the uppermost layer is a transparent film that serves as a strong and protective. With the existence of this film, more scratch resistant laminate parquet and water resistant than solid wood parquet.

How to Put Laminate Wood Flooring :

1. Parquet usually use a layer of foam sheets in advance, to avoid uneven floor surfaces and squeaking sounds.

2. For ease of pairs, laminate parquet is designed with interlocking system between the tongue and the niche. On a single chip, the left hand is a tongue and his right side is a niche; tongue upside and downside niche. How to set it up is to enter one tongue pieces into other pieces niche.

It is different with every installation of ceramic kepingnya must glued on the floor underneath. Here adhesives are needed, but only to attach the chip to the other pieces (glue smeared on the tongue and recess).
In this way, the installation of laminate parquet is made easier, as you would a puzzle. And besides that, because it does not need to be glued to the bottom floor, floor coverings can be applied to the floor that has been covered ceramic or other materials.

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