Tips on Choosing Wood Flooring

Parquet, parquet, or wood flooring lately used in Indonesia, especially for the middle class and above who have more budget for interior home improvement or business office as well as the indoor space (shop, gallery, and other booth). There are many brands on the market with all the gimmick parquet and excess. Each brand also consists of many types and of course also many shades of wood motif.

Look for manufacturers that have parquet Green Certification which means that enviromentally friendly parquet and parquet made of wood is legal and refined products from production forests are renewable (renewable resources), instead of illegal logging .

Non-combustible (Flame Resistant) This becomes important because flammable wood. Wood that has been processed into sheets parquet, must include a special coating that is able to inhibit propagation of fire.

Choose parquet easy way pair (even you can install on your own if there is a time ^ ^ ), or at least not in use for pemasangnya adhesive (glue, sealant or other adhesive substances that are not too good for health), and the last parquet should be in apart pairs

Parquet aged long enough , would be a desire. Of course, since we do not need to change, just because the color is dull. You can see the product brochure. There is no overlay layer : melamine resin or aluminum oxide on High Density Fiber board ( HDF ) ? If anything, this product selected feasible and the last parquet should be in apart pairs.

Stains such as coffee, syrup or tea, which accidentally spilled, it does not absorb into the parquet. The uppermost layer of a melamine resin or parquet form aluminum oxide is usually useful to repel stains.

Choose parquet easy maintenance and does not need periodical maintenance such as polishing / in varnishes, etc.. Here are tips on how to care for parquet.

Parquet good quality , has gone through the process of suppression and good compaction (pressing) resulting in a dense and strong HDF board. If an object falls on the parquet in a reasonable level, the former will not be any clash.

Resistance to abrasion in this foot traffic or the traffic of people and goods back and forth is usually expressed in the AC (Abrasion Class). If a room is rarely any people passing grade may AC1 – AC2 still enough. But choose the recommended minimum AC 3 rating suitable for both residential and commercia.

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